learning web design

My journey to becoming a web designer and running a design company didn’t come by the usual routes of knowing you wanted to become a designer and going to school to study design. No, my route to becoming a web designer was much more circuitous. I’m telling my story to hopefully be an inspiration to someone who thinks its too late to change careers or find another passion in your life.


Healthy Bladder Plus Home Page
We were approached by Trusted Remedies Inc. in the late fall of 2016 to redesign their entire marketing approach from the ground up. They had a great product, Healthy Bladder Plus, that they were getting amazing results from, both from customers and clinical trials, however this just wasn’t translating into the volume of sales they were hoping for.
Surely there are major challenges when marketing a product aimed at issues that people would prefer not to discuss. But since bladder issues are a problem that confront a large percentage of the population, we knew there was an opportunity here as well.
After analyzing Healthy Bladder Plus’s current marketing efforts and brainstorming how we could improve upon them, we created a multi-pronged strategy to improve their brand presence and get their message to a larger audience. This included:


why i'm a graphic designer

The reasons why I’m a graphic designer now go back to my childhood. My favorite toys when I was child were My First Sony – an early drawing tablet for kids that connected to the TV monitor – Lite Brite and Spirographs. I criticized the cereal box packaging in my mind during breakfast and drew posters for any event happening in the neighborhood: Yard sales, lost pets, bloc parties…and some purposely absurd funny ones like “Have You Seen Him? Missing Since March 8th”, showing a snowman I made on my front lawn a month before. If this sounds like your kid, congratulations! He or she is a designer and probably a good marketing director too. These are three great things about Why I’m a Graphic Designer.


hbogo website design debacle

As of thursday, January 14, the website for HBOGo has finally undergone a much needed redesign of their website user interface. My wife and i both being designers always commented on the horrible user experience HBOGo provided every time we watched the otherwise excellent programming at HBO. How could such an innovative, forward thinking company have such an outdated design and interface?

After many years of lingering in the doldrums of good design, HBOGo has finally redone their website and user interface . . . but now the question is, is it good? Have they finally lived up to the potential of their incredible programming with shows like Games of Thrones, Silicon Valley or The Sopranos?


Nine months ago, ROSS SkinLab was still a vision in the mind of Joshua Ross. After setting our client up with the essentials of digital strategy, we harness the power of online and offline content marketing! With our help today, the med spa is rolling out a billboard and social media campaigns that is letting WEHO know where to go! Focused on promoting services that are highly in demand, with an appearance that resonates with the area.

To begin, we opted for a style that appeals to both male and female clientele, with an attitude that expresses simple, friendly, optimistic and sophisticated. Bold minimal layouts using brighter tints of the color palette we determined brought a refreshing new look that says “high-end and down to earth”. We chose Walkway as the type face that will be used throughout the brand. The font family blends the clean and professional “lab” attributes to the sexy and confident look the med spa wants patients to feel like.


how to make your website load faster

Why you want to make your website load faster

No matter what the purpose of your website is, it must be designed with the user experience paramount in mind. This is one of the most important things we learned from Steve Jobs. Without an outstanding user experience, all other efforts might be for nothing. One of the most important aspects of a good user experience is a fast loading website.