Where SEO Meets Design: Best Practices For Optimizing Conversions

For most of the online business owners, making changes on their site sounds quite scary. Optimizing content on your site in order to boost conversion rate can be a tricky part of designing your web page as you never really know what will be the crucial thing to make those visitors actually sign up.


At the very beginning, all of you must know that there is no secret recipe for boosting your conversions. Lots of practices that worked for some other businesses might not just work for you. Why?


It’s simply because every site attracts a different target group. Demographics, age structure.. those are all parameters that vary from case to case and can be essential for understanding what drives conversion rates in certain situations.


Best Practices For Optimizing Conversions


Keeping account of what your customers really want and using psychology in web design is an imperative for everyone wishing to boost conversion rates of their business today. Here we have some neat tricks that can help with that.


  • Reducing text fields on sign up. This one here can make a real difference for most of the users on the Internet today. When somebody showed an intention to actually buy your product, is it really necessary for you to get a dozen pieces of information from him? Try to reduce the number of fields that need to be put in upon sign up as much as possible in order to speed up signup or checkout process.
  • Call to action. Instead of standard Subscribe or Buy buttons, try to be more creative and engage your customers. Depending on what your business is about you may try with Get Started or even Start Your Journey Here. Try different icebreakers that will ultimately make more people take action on your store.
  • Make your call-to-action button visible. Basically, sign up button should be the core of your webpage so try to make it as much appealing as you can. Using contrasting colors for this button as opposed to the color of the background should help here, for example.
  • Be careful of the wrong imagery. Putting cheesy and mouth watering images on your site is one of the most common mistakes by web designers today. Although imagery falls into the category of the most important elements of web design, trends are moving to more minimalistic web design nowadays.
  • Testimonials. Since people love to hear what other people have to say about a company, make sure to always showcase testimonials from your customers on your page. Also, if you are new in the business and you still don’t have any, try to be proactive and ask customers for a feedback on your products/services.
  • Add videos. Careful with this one! Though engaging your audience through video content on your site can prove to be very beneficial for your business, it might also be counterproductive and can hurt your sales if implemented incorrectly. Good examples of video content implementation can be found on numerous streaming businesses and content on-demand services.


Keep in mind that every one of this can either really work out for your site or it can prove useless in the case of boosting conversions for your business.


Make sure to always innovate and try out new things. Even when your sales are doing fine, rest assured that customer preferences will change soon and that you’ll have to change your site too in order to catch up with your customer’s needs.  

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My journey to becoming a web designer and running a design company didn’t come by the usual routes of knowing you wanted to become a designer and going to school to study design. No, my route to becoming a web designer was much more circuitous. I’m telling my story to hopefully be an inspiration to someone who thinks its too late to change careers or find another passion in your life.


Healthy Bladder Plus – Client Case Study

Healthy Bladder Plus Home Page
We were approached by Trusted Remedies Inc. in the late fall of 2016 to redesign their entire marketing approach from the ground up. They had a great product, Healthy Bladder Plus, that they were getting amazing results from, both from customers and clinical trials, however this just wasn’t translating into the volume of sales they were hoping for.
Surely there are major challenges when marketing a product aimed at issues that people would prefer not to discuss. But since bladder issues are a problem that confront a large percentage of the population, we knew there was an opportunity here as well.
After analyzing Healthy Bladder Plus’s current marketing efforts and brainstorming how we could improve upon them, we created a multi-pronged strategy to improve their brand presence and get their message to a larger audience. This included:


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