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Local SEO, otherwise known as Local Search Engine Optimization can help your business get found and stand out in the search engine results. It’s the easiest way for business to be found by potential customers. Its probably how you found us!
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If you have a Regionally oriented Business it’s imperative to be on the first page of maps results. Local SEO is how you do that and more.

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But what happens when your potential local customers go online searching for your type of product or service?

Think about how the average consumer searches for information (and products!) online. They just want the best information with the least hassle from whatever device they’re using. Ultimately, google is going to serve up the information they feel they can most trust. If we provide them with that information, in the right context, its a win win situation for all parties.

Let us help you, help Google provide that kind of information . . . the kind that Google and all search engines are looking for.

Local map listings must be properly set-up and managed to appear correctly and boost SEO
If your local business needs to rank better in the local search results and maps, our very affordable Local SEO service is exactly what you’re looking for.

Outranking your competition online isn't easy

But we've know how to do it:

On Page SEO Optimization

Each page of your website needs to be optimized for maximum local visibility.
Getting your business visible in local Google results involves a large number of on-page SEO techniques. The quality of your website’s structure and the content it contains have become more important to Google local rankings over the years so it’s important to get these critical factors right.

Google My Business Optimization

Set up, Optimization, Management, Syndication

After claiming and verifying your local business profile at Google My Business, the real work begins. Google wants to know as many details about your business and what type of products or services you provide.

Our local SEO services provide Google and other search engines with the exact information they need in order to show your companies website in the local search results. We also ensure that your page complies with Google’s guidelines so you don’t get penalized.

Citation Building

“A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP).” - It's extremely important that these be accurate and consistent.

We build citations by listing your business on the most important directories and sites. We also identify directory sites that are influential in your specific industry and region, and list you on those.

This process of “citation-building” increases the authority your business in the eyes of the search engines, making them more likely to reward you with higher listings. Citation building is the most time and labor intensive step in the process.

Social Proof

Positive (and accurate) reviews are one of the best ways to establish your credibility with potential new customers.

If you’ve done great work for your customers they may be inclined or even persuaded to leave a positive review for you on yelp or google. But if you’ve done unsatisfactory work for a client, you can assume that they will share their poor experience on these same sites.

So the most important lesson here is to always do great work for your clients, no matter how difficult they may be. We’ll help you get those reviews which will also further enhance your ‘authority’ and ‘credibility’ with google and the other search engines.

Did You Know?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing employ custom algorithms to help them provide the best results for their users based on their search terms and phrases. Therefore, local SEO gives the search engines a clear understanding of what your business is about and where your businesses is located so that they can best match you with potential customers in your area.
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Search online for local products and services

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From organic search results go the top 5 listings?

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Compared to 1.7% for outbound marketing leads

FAQ's about our Local SEO Services

Local SEO is a different process from “regular” SEO campaigns and involves the implementation of certain techniques and strategies to make your website rank higher in the organic local search results.

Compared to standard SEO campaigns, local search engine optimization is more about getting links from other local websites that are relevant to your industry and business. This means that local directories are an important resource for link building and authority in the eyes of the search engines, especially when it comes to building citations.

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Of course not. It all depends on the keywords and level of competition. But we can give you a detailed assessment of the competitive landscape that will inform us how easy or hard it will be to rank for any particular keyword.

You should also probably beware of any company claiming to guarantee they can get you on the first page of google.

Again this is potentially a very complicated answer depending the on the keywords you are targeting and the level of competition in your market. For example if you are going after keywords like ‘cheap shoes’ you are going up against Amazon and some of the biggest companies in the world. Search engine optimization is both an art and a science. We will analyze the competitive landscape to asses the level of competition and how much work would be involved in reaching page 1 of the google search results for your most relevant keywords.

The specific details of Google’s ranking algorithm are some of the most valuable and guarded secrets in the world. By reverse engineering how it works in the real world, we can deduce the hundreds of complicated factors involved in ranking the relevancy of a website in relation to the keywords a searcher enters into a search engine. This is what is comes down to.

Therefore, we unfortunately have no control over how search engines actually determine their rankings but we do however have a wide variety of strategies and techniques available to us when working to get as high as possible in the search results.

With search engine optimization the are no cookie cutter, one size fits all models. Each business is unique. We will do market research to develop a custom plan to reach your desired results. That being said, all SEO plans last at least several months and may extend to upwards of a year or more depending on the competitiveness of the particular niche you are in.

All budgets can be discussed and agreed upon before any work begins but generally there is a $500/month minimum with other plans ranging from $1000-$5000 a month depending on how aggressive we want to be and level of competition to overcome.

Of course we can! No problem at all! We’ve been successfully doing SEO work for both local and nationwide companies since 2006. Through all the changes we are still the experts in local business marketing.

Outranking your competition online isn't easy

But we've got plans to do it:
A truly amazing service!

Their design and insights, both, have helped me immensely! Their prices are more than fair; and their skill is beyond expectation. I seldom write reviews, but I had to write this one -- they have gone above and beyond. Thank you!!!

Don Baird
Business Owner

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