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Web Design & Development

Beautiful websites built with the latest technology, designed to drive business growth and increase visibility.

We build beautiful, custom websites with the latest technology that represets your brand well, increases market visibility and drives business growth.

CMS web and graphic design

Our L.A. based Web Design Company has extensive experience and expertise creating amazing online experiences.

  • Wordpress Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • UX Oriented
  • Responsive Design
When we noticed the growing trend of clients wanting a website they could update themselves without needing to rely on a developer, we realized WordPress was the best solution for this. Most website we design these days are based on wordpress, but it does depend on the specific needs of the site. Why Wordpress?

Wordpress design logo visualab design

  • Easy to Update
  • Huge community
  • Plugins to for any functionality
  • Great for SEO
  • Easy to learn
  • Constantly updated and improved

user experience for web design

We design websites to fit all screen sizes perfectly with the end users experience foremost in our minds. Design, content and functionality all work together to create a great user experience.
  • Fast loading
  • Elegant navigation
  • Always be 1 clcik away from a call
As web technologies get more and more complicated, it's more important than ever to have a regular website maintenance plan in place that will take care of backing up the website, updating the software, optimizing the files and dealing with any issues that might arise. That's where we come in.

user experience for web design

  • Automated Backups
  • Software Updates
  • Top Notch Hosting
  • Staging Environments
  • Database Optimization
  • Website Monitoring
  • Restoration of backups

Visualab Design is a Los Angeles based team providing a full range of Graphic Design services to our clients here and around the world.

It's essential for your business to have a Graphic Design Team with an in-depth understanding of your brand and their goals.

Graphic design by Visualab Design

From creating your new logo to updating your company catalogue, an expert graphic designer can help take your vision to the next level. That’s because graphic designers don’t only make things look good, they are problem solvers.

We bring an Eye for Design, Love of Art, Mind for Marketing and Attention to Detail to all the Graphic Design Projects we work on. We have extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of specific areas of Graphic Design but If there is a specific project we think we aren't the best for, we'll be up front and let you know.

graphic design specialties


Make a great impression immediately with custom graphic design that represents your business well..

With the Digital Marketing landscape changing so quickly all the time, its easy to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating and implementing an effective plan of attack. That's where we come in.

At Visualab Design, we believe that Marketing shouldn't be Mysterious. It should be Data Driven and Measurable.
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising (PPC)
  • Content Creation

Info Coming Soon. Or just go to the Social Media Marketing Page

user experience for web design

This part is coming shorlty. But you can go to the Search Engine Optimization Page now!

user experience for web design

More Info coming soon

Combining the minds of Artist and Entrepreneur,
Some say our passion for Incredible Branding is more of an
Unhealthy Obession with Perfection . . . Whatever.

We bring an Eye for Design, Love of Art, Sense of Business and Attention to Detail to all the Branding Projects we work on.

branding by visualab design

  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Style Guides
  • Core Values and Message
  • Customer Modeling
We have extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of specific areas of Graphic Design but If there is a specific project we think we aren't the best for, we'll be up front and let you know.

graphic design specialties

Know Theyself!

The branding process identifies your core message and delivers it with consistency and clarity.


Ready to convert more Casual Visitors into Loyal Customers?
It wont be easy. But it can be done!

That's why you need an Amazing Design Team with a Business Mindset. That's Us! We're interested in partnering with like minded people and businesses to create amazing online experiences.

Does Your Brand need a Makeover?

  • Visual Identity & Brand Development

    We take the time to assess your style and goals to create an experience that effectively represents your brand online and off.
  • Improved Digital Strategy

    We help create a roadmap for your digital success with actionable, profitable insights to launch and grow your business.
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Turn casual viewers into loyal customers and keep your loyal customers coming back for years with an effective CRM strategy.

Here's is How the Process Works

The Process Begins by


We can offer the best solutions and dispense the most value when we can truly understand the nature of your business and form an collaborative relationship towards our shared interests.

Plan & Strategize

We thoroughly assess your brand goals and style to determine a detailed plan for successful completion of the project. We thoroughly assess your brand goals to determine a detailed plan.

Design & Develop

Using our combined years of experience, we use all the tools at our disposal to technically implement the plan. Using our combined years of experience, we use all the tools at our disposal.

Visualab design working process

Test & Deliver

Rigorously test the design and functionality with the clients feedback to fine tune the final to be the best it can be. Test the design and functionality with the clients feedback to fine tune the final to be the best it can be.

The Digital Design and Marketing Landscape is constantly changing. If you need a good partner to help your business look and perform its best, online and off, we'd love to speak with you about it.


Visualab Design was founded by a husband and wife team with a keen eye for elegant and engaging design, a deep understanding of digital marketing landscape and a passion for seeing businesses grow and projects brought to life. We always strive to make our clients happy with our service, as you can see from Visualab Design’s Yelp Page.

We take pride in the quality services we offer . . . Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Our expert technicians have spent their lives learning and skills and principles that guide good design.

Beyond that, we want to be an integral part in our clients success and we want you to continue to return to us for any future work. This is more than a job for us . . . It’s what we do everyday and we love it.

"Good Design is Good Business"

Find out more than you've ever wanted to know about the people behind the awesome design at Visualab Design . . .

See many examples of successfully completed past projects so you can get a feel for our style.

We take the time to assess your goals and style before presenting you with a detailed proposal. More info here.

Meet the founders of Visualab Design. We look forward to working with you.

Sheina Feder

Head of Graphic Design & Social Media Marketing

Douglas Smolens

Lead Web Designer & SEO Specialist

When the job ends, we're still there for you.

ContactCard-LogoWhen the main work on the project is through, you aren't left alone to figure things out on your own or make any unforeseen changes. At Visualab Design our goal is to cultivate long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

This could mean additional revisions to any graphic design work, ongoing updates and maintenance to your beautiful new website or additional work as the needs arise. Either way, you've found a partner you can count on for the long term.

We're successful when you're successful.

You Deserve Beautiful Design

Design is all around us. It’s part of everything we see and experience. The world around us provides the most spectacular examples and inspiration for design you could ever dream of. Our design technicians have an innate love for the timeless principles of good design.

From the simple and elegant to the beautifully intricate and complex, we have the knowledge, know-how and experience to magnify your message, enhance your brand and grow your business. When you hire Visualab Design for your project you will get a commitment to excellence and an unending dedication to your satisfaction.

We Will Earn your Trust

Our reputation speaks for itself. But as a new customer to Visualab Design we will earn your trust and ongoing business through our commitment to your satisfaction and honest, upfront approach to business. There are no surprises with us. Whatever we say we will do, we will in fact do.

Much of our early business came through craigslist. If you've done any business through craigslist you probably already know how hit or miss this can be. We've heard untold number of horror stories about craigslist gigs gone wrong. It seems like were usually the ones to come in and save the project and restore faith in freelance designers through our hard work and dedication to our clients. These days we don't rely on craigslist gigs anymore. Our business runs on its' reputation, recommendations and repeat business.

Our work is Guaranteed . . . in Writing

It can be hard to find web designers, graphic designers and digital specialists you can count on. When you work with Visualab Design you don't have to worry about projects not being completed to specification. We will go over all requirements in great detail and put it all into writing so you can proceed knowing your project is in good hands with people you can trust.

We guarantee our work we will done to the highest standards and we will always work with your editorial approval. Before we progress too far on a website or logo, we will get your input and approval. Before we progress on social media promotion, we will make sure we can authentically represent your voice and brand identity.

We don't succeed until you succeed!

Our #1 goal is making our Clients Happy and Exceeding their Expectations.

Have you seen what people are saying about our Design and Marketing work online?

Are our clients happy with our work? YES. But don't take our word for it. Take a moment to review all of our perfect 5 star ratings from yelp.

Not to brag, but we also get a perfect 5 star rating on google business pages. This isn't an accident. We work very hard for our clients.

Contact Visualab Design

O: 323-744-0684
C: 323-377-9509
2010 N Gower St
Los Angeles, CA 90068
"I recently opened a new business and was immediately overwhelmed by what it takes to create the "perfect" website. As the business owner my expectations were high and my knowledge of web design was non existent. Enter Visualab Design... Doug literally sat with me and guided me thru the whole process and created a website that has stunned my clients and boosted my revenue ten fold."


“I was blown away by what they did with my website. My old site was lingering in 2006. They gave me a sleek, modern design that my clients often compliment me on. And their local search engine optimization got my phone ringing a lot more too!”




"I have my website designed by Douglas of Visualab Design, I absolutely love the result of the final product. The layout is clean, professional and yet beautiful. I couldn't ask for a better result than what he has created!"

Visualab Design offers premium, customized Digital Design & Marketing services in Los Angeles, CA with a focus on generating results.

Visualab Design - Blue bubbles logo - digital marketing

At Visualab Design, we believe your business deserves to be uniquely represented with a brand style that you can be proud of for years into the future. Every design we craft or marketing campaign we create is unique to the industry and style of the business it represents.

We begin by listening closely to your thoughts, ideas and goals. Before the design process begins, we take the time to assess your particular market and the competitive landscape of your businesses niche. Then we figure out the various content that will need to be created. This is unique for every business we work with. We leverage years of design and marketing expertise to amplify your message, magnify your impact and expand your audience. Your finished project, whether that be a logo, website, graphics packages or marketing campaign will have a custom branded theme unique to your style.

A passion for Good Design and Seeing Your Business Reach its Potential is what drives us.

web design services by visualab design in los angeles

Who do we work with?

At Visualab Design we have worked a large variety of different businesses with a wide variety of needs but most  commonly they will be one of these:

  • Local Businesses
  • Public Figures
  • International Organizaitons
  • Growing Brands

If none of these categories fit you, that's OK, the principles that guide good design and marketing are the same. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your project.

How do we price our services?

Info coming soon.

What is a Boutique Agency?

Info coming soon.

How Do We Begin?

We start with great clients and we grew from doing great work. We do welcome new clients if we feel like our intentions align and we can provide significant value. We're expanding because our clients continue to return for our service and recommend us.

If you've read this far and you feel like we might be a good fit to work together, please feel free to contact us in whatever manner you prefer.


Contact us today to start growing your business online with a comprehensive and focused Digital Strategy. We look forward to hearing from you!
See for yourself why our clients love us.