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Web Design & Development is at the core our Agency. We utilize the latest in Web Technology and Digital Marketing to help you stand out from the competition.

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Visualab Design and Digital marketing solutions

If you need Amazing Web Design & Development to help your company stand out from the competition, you’ve come to the right place.

Visualab Design is a Web Design & Development company specializing in creating custom websites for businesses who understand the value of out performing the competition.


Most people will make a decision about the quality of your website (and business) within the first few seconds of arriving at your website.

“A professionally designed website aligned with your business goals and aesthetics differentiates your brand, engages your customers, and grows your business.​

Expert Web Design & Development in Los Angeles, CA by Visualab Design.

Our Los Angeles based Web Design Company builds Beautiful, functional Websites with the Latest Technology that Drives Business Growth. We leverage years of design and marketing expertise to amplify your message, magnify your impact and expand your audience.

Website Design and Development examples by Visualab

We begin by listening closely to your thoughts, ideas and goals.

We leverage years of design and marketing expertise to amplify your message, magnify your impact and expand your audience.

ALU University
ALU has been a leader in online education since 1996. Visualab redesigned their website in 2018

We’re not interested in building you a cheap, cookie-cutter website. We’re interested in executing beautiful designs that will engage and inspire your audience.

Here are some of the features you can expect when you use our Web Design & Development services:

If you want to be found online it all starts with great, knowledgeable content and proper on-page SEO. We design websites with the best SEO practices in mind so they will be optimized from the day we launch.


If you need to sell your products online, you’ve come to the right place. We’re fluent in E-Commerce and can help you sell online using a fast, secure and flexible E-Commerce solution.


Integrate your Social Media Profiles and Website into one consistent experience for current and potential customers.


Website design of today demands versatility; a website design that uses a responsive layout ensures that your website will be displayed correctly to users on desktops, tablets and smartphones. 


Our team will work with you to understand your businesses needs and goals so we can design a customized website tailored to fit your specific needs. 

Once we’ve done the heavy lifting, you can take control of your website with the best CMS in the world, WordPress. If you want to. If not, we're happy to continue to manage it.

It's The Details That Count.

That’s Why Every Website Gets:
Up-to-Date Web Standards
Your site's code will be written with modern, up-to-date Web Standards and be compliant current protocol.
The CMS of your Choice

Most of the time WordPress is the best option, but maybe not. The important thing is we find the best fit for your needs, budget and business goals.

Website Backup System
Having a built-in (and possibly automated) solid backup system in place is one of the most important features to have.
Responsive Design
It will look great on every device. Your website will have a fluid, adaptable structure making it looks great on all devices.
Solid On-Page SEO
Your site-wide code as well as individual pages will be optimized will be optimized for search engines.
Keyword Optimized Perma-links

Keywords in the urls. Get the right URLs Your site’s URLs will always include real words separate by hyphens.

Custom Sitemap and Robots.txt

We will create a custom, optimized XML sitemap that helps search engine robots crawl and understand your site.

Technical SEO

Your website will get all the standard technical SEO details correct. Things like canonical urls, and many other similarly boring, but important details.

Enhanced Security
Your website will be fitted will enhanced security and anti-spam measures to defend against hackers.
Page Speed Optimization
Your site will be created with the fewest number of files as well as setting up caching and standard protocols to ensure minimum loading times.
Social Sharing

We will enable your visitors to easily vote for your pages on various social bookmarking and networking sites.

Standard Forms/Contact page

We will create a contact page with a form which, when filled out, will be sent direct to your email.

You have a Vision to Realize! and dreams to Accomplish

We have the Vision and Tools to get that Done!


We begin by listening closely to your thoughts, ideas and goals.
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