Branding (and Re-Branding) Services

How do you want consumers to perceive you and connect with you? How do you make that crucial first impression in today’s competitive market?

Branding is the bedrock of your company’s creative strategy

Branding Strategy, Brand platform development
Good Branding is Good Business.

With the right Branding, you will likely become a familiar face and friend. One that people come to and trust.

When do you need branding?
  • Repositioning a company to compete with a new set of competitors
  • Launching a new company, product or service line
  • The merge of two companies
  • The emergence of a new competitive opportunities in the market
your promise

Your Brand is your Promise

It’s what you stand by, your message of value that consumers associate with the benefits they rely on your brand for. It’s the reason clients trust you to fulfill their needs.

your story

Your Brand is your Story

Write a story your audience is inspired to become a part of. Your story and how you tell it can evoke a powerful response in your customer base.

your face

Your Brand is your Face

People associate your company with your brand identity. From your logo to your landing page or latest instagram post, your brand represents you at every touchpoint.

Brand Research & Discovery

Your value proposition and competition

Working with you, we will learn everything we can about your business. How it came to be. What motivates you. What your goals are. How you want to help your clients. This allows us to define the mission statement and core attributes we wish to convey to the public through your branding. We’re looking for what creates an emotional connection to develop a unique, compelling brand story and key messaging.

During this phase, we also perform a thorough competitive analysis to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the opportunities and threats in the current landscape. This knowledge allows us to strategically position your brand in the market and in the minds of consumers.

Your audience

Defining your target audience and client personas allows us to uncover what consumers want from a business in your industry, and develop branding that speaks to their needs. 

With market research and segmentation we can better examine the variable dynamics that shape trends, behaviors, opinions and other key indicators of specific groups within a target market. This information helps us tailor your message for different audiences and guides our inspiration in creating a brand that people can identify with.

Your appearance

As we collect insightful data from our marketing research, we explore styles and visual concepts that evoke the ideas, thoughts and feelings that are key in supporting your brand strategy. With mood boards, style scapes and other creative tools we share with you, we can determine the ideal direction for the branding design and make it fun too

Brand Design

Digital branding solutions with optimized e-commerce and email marketing
Brand Logo

Your logo is at the center of your brand’s visual identity system. When designing a logo, we consider all its future applications such as website, packaging, apparel, commercial signage, etc. We develop a logo suite which can include alternate layouts, color versions and sub-logos so your brand has the flexibility to adapt to various uses while remaining consistent.


We establish brand guidelines that make your visual and verbal identity system. This includes correct logo usage, color palettes, typography, language, imagery, iconography and other specifications that ensure a consistent appearance of your brand across all types of media and applications — website, company catalogue, email templates, and all other print and digital marketing collateral.


Your brand design extends to all your internal and external marketing material. We help you develop the collateral that best supports your goals and objectives. We incorporate your visual identity and key messaging, with a focus on how your audience prefers to interact with you and how your company operates. Whether you need vehicle wraps, product packaging, shopping bags, restaurant menus, trade show displays, etc. — The unified experience you provide communicates the strength and integrity of your brand, makes you unmistakable to the public and easily distinguishable from competitors.

Branding for Fireplace Solutions, new company vehicle wrap design
You've got trucks? We'll wrap them.
You're employees need uniforms?
We'll design them.

"I recently opened a new business and was immediately overwhelmed by what it takes to create the "perfect" website. As the business owner my expectations were high and my knowledge of web design was non existent. Enter Visualab Design... Doug literally sat with me and guided me thru the whole process and created a website that has stunned my clients and boosted my revenue ten fold."

Joshua Ross

Intelligent Solutions

Our creative services deliver stunning results that contribute to the success of your business.
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