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Founded in 2012, Visualab is a Los Angeles based agency built around the collective leadership of talented creative and strategic solutioners. We’re inspired by entrepreneurial spirit and meaningful networking to create a place where people and ideas can grow.

Our Philosophy

Visualab design and digital marketing agency Los Angeles
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We Believe  
Great Chemistry
Great Communication
 Leads to Great Business

We know great chemistry begins within our team: How we empower each other and learn from each other to achieve a greater common goal. We bring that energy to your business and pass on to your audience. This mindset allows us to nurture lasting, mutually prosperous relationships.

We Value

We are forever curious, creative, embracing change and new ideas. We aren’t afraid to disrupt, take initiative and believe that mastering new ways of thinking is also creating different ways to perceive, communicate and succeed.

From the teams we interact with throughout all our projects to the audiences we direct our marketing solutions to, people are at the center of pretty much everything we do. We believe honesty and respect create affinity between people and ideas, bridging gaps and building beneficial bonds that shape the landscape.

You are dedicated to the success of your business, maintain high standards and expect the same from us. We are accessible, engaged and passionate about our work, knowing your success is our too.

We work with multicultural markets, businesses thriving in different industries, and value diversity in opinions and ideas. We like to know what sets our clients apart, and how to hone those strengths so we can use them to their advantage.

Creative ideas spark at Visualab


Douglas Smolens

Director of Web Strategy
He's the Boss . . . Simultaneously rocking Web Strategy while shredding a mean Flamenco Guitar.

Sheina Feder

Creative Director
Her head is like a magic lamp, a little rub will wake her creative genie.

Yarasette Ramirez

Marketing Director
Power Marketing, Power Communication, Power Naps

Olaf Guerrero

Creative & Production Manager
Methodical, low-key and essentially O.G.
Our number one goal is making our clients happy and exceeding their expectations. We will keep you updated throughout the work so you can point out anything that you’d like changed. Hire us and see for yourself why our clients love us.

All businesses are different and have differing needs. We dont have a cookie cutter approach to our services. We strive to understand the unique goals and challenges your business faces so we can offer focused, customized business solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business, always keeping an eye on results.

We’re interested in providing complete creative and digital marketing services for businesses and individuals who seek to achieve well defined marketing goals and improve their brands presence and reach.
We wish we could work with every entrepreneur with a great idea but, . . . .

We only provide a high level of work. However our rates are still competitive. We always offer an initial consultation for free to get a feel for your business and assess how we can help you. Each project has different needs that are uniquely challenging.

After a thorough discussion, we can provide an accurate price to complete the work that was discussed. This can be on an hourly basis, a project rate, or an ongoing service plan. 

Our general hourly rate is $95. We offer a rate of $75 for clients with an ongoing service plan with us and for new clients initial project. This way, you can get a feel for working with us and to see if you think we’re a good fit to work together. Technical troubleshooting and rush rates are $125.

Please keep in mind, we only track time spent actually working directly on the project or from meetings or calls longer than 15 min. We don’t charge for initial meetings, normal email and phone communications, or anything not directly related to your project. (This un-billed time usually accounts for about 40% of all time spent)

Also, we have well established processes and work flows that will allow the whole project to proceed efficiently and on schedule.

For smaller projects, payment is 50% upon start and 50% upon completion. For larger projects, payment is 50% upon start, 25% at a pre-defined milestone and 25% upon completion. For ongoing (monthly) contracts, payment is due no later than the 15th of the month.

Cash, check, Paypal or credit card.

Of course. We always work on clear contracts that are mutually agreed upon so we can both feel confident in our business arrangement.

Once we agree to the scope of work, timeline and price, we’ll put it all into a contract so we both can have peace of mind that the job will be done professionally and on time.

Visualab Design wants to build a long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship. You can always call on us to do additional work large or small.

Get in touch with us however you prefer. The ‘Request a Quote’ form in the footer and contact page is probably the best place to tell us some initial project details.

You can of course also feel free to get in touch by phone, email, skype, chat, etc.

We look for to hearing from you!

the background


Visualab Design was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, California by Sheina Feder and Douglas Smolens. They are entrepreneurs and strategic designers, who began offering graphic design, and web development to small businesses. Visualab has grown and included wide range of different marketing and public relations services leading to attract and retain long-lasting accounts.

Visualab is a place where people and ideas can grow

More Info About Us

What We Do

We provide a full range of creative, digital and marketing services geared to help businesses gain a competitive advantage online and offline.

Visualab design and digital marketing agency Los Angeles