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Important Elements of Web Design, Visualab Design

How to keep website visitors engaged with these Important Elements of Web Design

Web design & development by Visualab helps take your digital marketing strategy to the next levelThe first impressions people have when they come to your website are critically important. Studies have shown that users form an impression within milliseconds about whether they trust a website or not. How can you, as a business owner, keep website visitors engaged by creatively using these important elements of web design on your businesses website?

If you want your business website to be successful, stunning web design is not enough. The design also needs to reflect your brand identity and tone as well as the tone and style that your target audience expects to see.

There are many important elements of web design to consider when creating a website for yourself or your business. When you create a website, you need to make sure that the colors, text, images, navigation and

everything else is geared towards optimized representation or your brand. Think of Branding and your brand identity as the set of values and ideas that you want people to associate with your company. 

Design can help you communicate these values and ideas to the public. Therefore, you should be asking yourself the following questions about your own website:

Visualab provides digital design and marketing solutions for businesses of all types

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Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your Businesses website

  • Is the design easy for visitors to navigate and understand?
  • What is the most efficient and elegant way to present the information?
  • Is the important information easy to find?
  • Will it work and look good on several different browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more?
  • Will it work and look good on different devices such as desktop computers, tablets and smart phones?
  • Can people quickly contact me directly?
  • What action do you want the visitor to take?
  • Are the pages Search Engine Optimized?

Here is an ever-growing list of essential elements of website design that will make your brand stand out while helping to keep your visitors engaged and informed:


Whether it’s the newest smartphone, tablet or ultra-wide monitor, having an optimized layout across different technological standards and screens isn’t just important, it’s absolutely essential. Always keeping the user experience in mind, web design of today demands versatility, adaptability and ingenuity because visitors will experience your website (and brand) across a multitude of different devices and screens.
Your search engine ranking on Google is heavily influenced by display adaptability. In fact, google recently switched to ‘Mobile first indexing’ around the end of 2018. A non-adaptive websites, though increasingly rare to find, will limit your search engine ranking, and cripple your web traffic growth. Not only that, but having a responsive website alone isn’t necessarily enough. Is it optimized and customized for various screen sizes?
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(Being rewritten at the moment.)


Understand your target audience. This is a critical factor when designing your website. Keep your target audience in mind when crafting your pages, and anticipate what your visitors are most likely interested in. A well-organized site layout with clear, logical page flow adds an additional asset to your business development efforts.
The home page should feature the most important content and information of your site and move visitors to take action towards a specific goal. Feature certain sections by including a brief blurb on the home page that links to that page. For many visitors, this will be the only page they visit, so it important to convey the essential information and services you are offering here.
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Making your site easy and intuitive to navigate is crucial to a great user experience. A well-designed website incorporates effective UX design for your audiences, leaving your visitors satisfied that they came. No matter how simple or complex your site may be, all web content needs to be well organized and arranged in a logical hierarchical structure. This will not only help your visitors navigate through your website but also search engines crawling it. In addition, make sure to put a lot of time thinking about how people might interact with each element of your website, and what information might me critical to visitors.


Additionally, the aesthetic feel of the company should be matched on the web site and marketing materials. If you are a corporation, you probably don’t want an ‘arty’ web site with too much animation.
Special effects such as moving images or rotating logos may actually distract customers from your message. Look carefully at an effect and ask what benefit does it provide your web site. If there is an actual benefit, do it!
You want visitors to know they are on the same website when they click in different sections. Your website should reflect your brands values and sense of style. Keep colors, fonts and styles similar across the whole website, with a logo and/or tagline in the main header.
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Choose a selection of fonts to use on your site that complement your brand.

Use a font family or two that are on brand for general uniformity, and delineate sections by boldness. Capitalization, likewise, should be consistent across your investment materials and financial services website. If you produce printed editorial content in addition to web content like magazines, utilize good design principles to capture and keep your viewers’ attention. 

For content that visitors will view on a screen, a smoother, san-serif font might be more pleasing to the eye.

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Original, custom photography goes a long way in making your website look and feel unique.

To effectively use imagery, think about what resonates with your target audience and relates to your company’s unique story. Stock photos can get the job done, but photos with real people showing authentic emotion will likely resonate with your audiences more. Also, ensure that your images have a sufficiently high resolution.


Your content should be written as if you are speaking to your customer on a one-on-one basis. Read your text content out loud. Does it sound natural?
If you have any doubts about your own copywriting ability, it’s wise to invest in a professional copywriter who is trained to write the most meaningful and persuasive text as it relates to your business.


Build trust with potential clients by providing testimonials, reviews, showing your privacy policy, previous work projects, secure ordering, and anything else that displays your experience and ability.

Our Los Angeles Graphic & Web Design Company can Develop or Enhance your Brand identity and awareness.

When looking towards building your own website, realize that it can take many hours of work (even if you are skilled in coding, graphic design, web design, etc) to get all the important elements of web design right. If you design your website yourself and don’t include and optimize all 20+ conversion factors on your home page, you can end up designing a website that will not convert very well at all.

Your website must be designed to give customers a great experience while making it easy to find any info they’re looking for. Visitors won’t spend a lot of time looking for the information they’re after on your site – there are plenty of others out there competing for their business. If they can’t find what they are looking for immediately, it’s easy to go elsewhere. Therefore, if you are looking for truly professional Los Angeles web & graphic design work, we highly recommend you take a quick look over our portfolio and see the elegant and effective websites we have designed.

This article discussed some of the many important elements of web design and various things you can do to make your site easy to use and improve the visitor’s experience on your site. If you have any questions about this or need help with your Web Design, do not hesitate to contact the team at Visualab Design.

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