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Abraham Lincoln University

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Abraham Lincoln University (ALU) has been a pioneer in online learning since 1996 but started noticing their website performance was falling behind that of their competitors in terms of design, functionality, speed, messaging, SEO and especially user experience.
Abraham Lincoln University
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Year Established

Since 2015 Visualab has been proud to partner with ALU to solve this wide range of challenges and improve all aspects of their online experience.

Despite being a leader in online learning in 1996, their website was looking severely out of date in 2015.

We began by giving ALU a fresh new face by redesigning the logo and identity system. We then developed an entirely new website to reflect the new branding. The responsive design and clean layout was the first step to transforming the website and optimizing the user experience. 

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ALU Law School Custom Website design screen capture
Confusing User Experience (UX)

Another major challenge facing ALU was their information architecture, specifically the way in which the information and webpages were organized and presented.

An increasing number of potential students browsing the former website had a very difficult time finding the information they needed and eventually gave up.

Studies have shown

Visitors to your website will make a decision about the quality of your and website and therefore the services you offer within seconds based on the look and feel that your company presents. So presenting your company in the best possible light is absolutely essential to winning a larger number of leads, conversions, students, customers, email sign-ups, or whatever other metric you’re trying to achieve.

How We Fixed It

The solution was to completely redesign the information architecture and sitemap of the website to make it much more intuitive and user friendly therefor improving the user experience, decreasing bounce rates and boosting Google rankings.

We did this by creating what’s known as ‘Custom Post Types’ for the various schools, degrees and programs.

For example, there is a School of Law and a School of Business. There are various degrees offered by these Schools such as certificates, bachelors, masters, as well as programs associated with these schools and degrees.

Every program is associated with a degree and a school; All these are now very simple to search for or find from a well organized mega menu that’s easily accessible from the main website menu.

With a better design and more intuitive interface, users are staying on the website for longer and taking more actions. The bounce rate decreased, which is one of the most important quality indicators in the Google ranking algorithm.

Complex SEO Considerations
The Results

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