As artists, we always think outside the box…but we love designing boxes of all sorts! In today’s world we witness a true diversity of aesthetic trends. There are countless different styles of packaging and labels that are simply brilliant. We know how important it is to reflect the value of your product in a unique eye-catching outfit that inspires trust, quality and leadership.

We have a deep understanding on how consumers shop and what will appeal to the demographic you products mainly target. In a typical supermarket a shopper passes about 600 items per minute, or one item every tenth of a second…so it’s crucial we create the right packaging and label designs that perfectly match the brand identity and stand out on the shelves!



Because packaging can often be related to an ongoing advertising campaign, we’ll make sure it stays cohesive with every aspect of the marketing strategy.

You have some products that need revamping? We will refresh your already existing packaging or labels that are a little outdated or simply lacking luster. We know packaging can be somewhat nostalgic in certain cases, so we can cleverly modernize the appearance without confusing shoppers and still honor the brand’s traditional look!

During your consultation with us, we will initially get to know about your brand and merchandise, your consumers and your campaign. We’ll then determine the primary role of the package relative to the product. Should it express quality, safety, distinction, affordability, convenience, or aesthetic beauty? We will then discuss different packaging options and draft some ideas that will work beautifully for you.