LeaveSource® is FMLA Software and Absence Management Software developed by Qcera to simplify and streamline the complex process of complying with the Family Medical Leave Act. The administrative burden of FMLA compliance can be complex, costly and if not done correctly can leave your company open to legal risk.

Visualab Design did a large redesign of an already extensive and established website at LeaveSource.com. The challenge was to update the design of the entire website while keeping all the already accumulated SEO in place and hopefully improving on it.

The way to measure this information is with statistics. By updating the design of Leavesource.com to a modern, elegant, responsive website, they are generating more leads and converting those leads into customers. We took detailed stats on their keyword rankings before and after the design process. They saw an increase in SEO rankings on 90% of their targeted keywords with the new design. This is largely because google now heavily favors websites that are responsive to users on smart phones and tablets.

For more information about this, check out page on Responsive Design.