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The first impressions people have when they come to your website are critically important. Studies have shown that users form an impression within milliseconds about whether they trust a website or not.

It just so happens that we have a lot of experience creating not simply websites, but user experiences where they can be immersed in your brands style, message and hopefully products or services.


The first impression visitors to your website have is more important than ever. A professionally designed website aligned with your business goals and aesthetics differentiates your brand, engages your customers, and grows your business.

Our Los Angeles based web design company builds beautiful websites with the latest technology that drives business growth and increases market visibility.

Our experienced and dedicated team will design a beautiful, custom website that will match your vision, be user friendly and have the 'WOW!' factor. Every website we create blends cutting edge design, powerful marketing strategies and data based analysis to grow your business.

Key Elements of Good Web Design

And these days every website absolutely needs . . .


Generic templates, stock photos and uninspired copy wont cut it in 2018. You need a website unique to your style and goals.


A fast loading website is absolutely crucial. We optimize not only for marketing and design, but also for speed!


How you integrate your websitei and social media channels into one consistent experience for current and potential customers?


Google is trying to force the world to use SSL. Google usually gets what they want. And we know how to give it to them.


Create an automated system to capture your customers, contact information for future marketing.


With a Content Management System (CMS), your website will be easy to update, by you or by us.


Integrate detailed analytics into your website so you can see exactly how people find you.


Stories break daily about hacked websites. But you can slleep well, knowing your website has robust security and monitoring.

Some of our Recently Completed Web Design Projects


Once we’ve done the heavy lifting, you can take control of your website with the best CMS in the world, Wordpress . . . if you want to. If not, we're happy to continue to manage it.


If you need to sell things online you’ve come to the right place. You need to be easy to buy from, period. We know E-Commerce and we can help you sell your products and services online using a fast, secure and flexible E-Commerce solution.

The Web Design Experts at Visualab Design
will make your brand stand out online.

Visualab Design offers top of the line Web Design services in Los Angeles, CA with a focus on generating results.

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At Visualab Design, we believe your business deserves a beautiful website that you can be proud of for years into the future. Every web site we craft is unique to the style of the business it represents.

We begin by listening closely to your thoughts, ideas and goals. Then we figure out what functionality you will need out of your web site. Before the design process begins, we take the time to assess your particular market and the competitive landscape of your businesses niche. We leverage years of design and marketing expertise to amplify your message, magnify your impact and expand your audience. Your finished website will have a beautiful website custom branded with your unique style.

We build hand-crafted websites with the latest technology, tailored to fit your businesses specific needs and goals to drive business growth and increase market visibility. A passion for good design and seeing your business reach its potential is what drives us.


Our web design clients include Retailers, Bands, Med Spas, Manufacturers, Service Companies, Artists and Professionals.

A Website designed by Visualab Design is guaranteed to help you stand out from the competition. We create websites with a focus on effectively communicating your message in an elegant and memorable way.

We'd love to earn our next 5 Star review for exceptional Web Design working with You!


We work tirelessly to achieve our clients web design goals. Check out what some of previous clients have to say about working with Visualab Design.
  • "I recently opened a new business and was immediately overwhelmed by what it takes to create the "perfect" website. As the business owner my expectations were high and my knowledge of web design was non existent. Enter Visualab Design... Doug literally sat with me and guided me thru the whole process and created a website that has stunned my clients and boosted my revenue ten fold."
    ross skin lab
    Joshua Ross, ROSS Skin Lab
  • “I was blown away by what they did with my website. My old site was lingering in 2006. They gave me a sleek, modern design that my clients often compliment me on. And their local search engine optimization got my phone ringing a lot more too!”
    Fred Gomez, ANZA Plumbing
  • "I have my website designed by Douglas of Visualab Design, I absolutely love the result of the final product. The layout is clean, professional and yet beautiful. I couldn't ask for a better result than what he has created!"
    Aeneas Erlking, Fashion Desginer

Visualab Design is a Full Service, Results Driven, Web Design and Development Company.

See for yourself why our clients love us.