My favorite toys when I was child were My First Sony - an early drawing tablet for kids that connected to the TV monitor - Lite Brite and Spirographs. I criticized the cereal box packaging in my mind during breakfast and drew posters for any event happening in the neighborhood: Yard sales, lost pets, bloc parties...and some purposely absurd funny ones like “Have You Seen Him? Missing Since March 8th”, showing a snowman I made on my front lawn a month before. If this sounds like your kid, congratulations! He or she is a designer and probably a good marketing director too. These are three great things about this job.

Reason #1 - Inspiring Collaborations

Designers might spend many hours working behind a screen, but that’s after meeting truly inspiring people who give them exciting creative challenges. From med spas to fashion designers, dog trainers, celebrity chefs and other public figures, our life is filled with individuals who have fascinating business concepts, passionate entrepreneurs who “feel blessed” to have found us--Aww shucks! We feel the same :) It’s true we do have high quality standards and always deliver results exceeding all expectations. So from our very humble beginnings, we tried to pick who we work with as much as possible. It’s not about how large or wealthy a company is. We’ve achieved wonders with a start up budget, because we believe the in the concept. We build lasting connections with great people who's ideas and success become a part of us, and for that we are really grateful.

Reason #2 - Freedom of Mobility

Many designers have a good on site steady job at an agency...But one can chose to pack a laptop and travel the world while working. There are so many benefits: Inspiring landscapes, art and culture to feed our creativity, networking and meeting people from all over the world. You can visit south east Asia while designing websites, visit your family in Brazil while creating logos and magazine layouts, go on a safari and still keeping a close eye on your client’s social media accounts! All you need is good Wifi. You can also simply work from home because you have kids, which can make a huge difference for a family. This brings up another major advantage: Achieving a successful and balanced life as a freelancer. We can design our career according to our lifestyle, our path to success can be as unique and creative as our art.

Reason #3 - A Chance to Express Your Creativity

How to explain the thrill of reaching massive audiences, seeing how crowds react to your message, storytelling, sharing thoughts, shaping ideas through design? This is one of the biggest reasons why I'm a graphic designer.
A billboard is a company’s way to raise public awareness, but it’s also an occasion for the designer to enrich the proposition with a thought provoking message that further captures your attention. We're constantly in touch with the collective mind. We feel the trends, the social energy and events that drive change. We carefully manipulate words, meaning and ideas that illustrates our times, influencing how we read information and interpret reality. So every time we create, we keep in mind the responsibility we carry and the impact we have on everybody.
Those are the main reasons why I'm a graphic designer but there are actually many more we'll explore in a future blog post. What are your reasons why you love being a designer?